Core Values

Rooted in traditions, looking ever onwards…


At Cambridge International School, the goal is to nurture the dreams of tender hearts. Every child is equipped with the confidence to pursue the dreams and realize them. In this world of turmoil and unrest they learn to pave their own path to success.


1. Aim for Excellence

Nurture willingness to develop and pursue new ideas, challenge self to seek new limits. To be able to redefine the achievement levels at regular basis and setting targets for new goals and learning beyond.


2. Continuously Onwards

Adopt to new fields and expand the areas of participation. students are to explore new areas and redefine own capabilities.


3. Global Citizenship

Celebrating individuality and accepting diversity. Develop respect of diversity in cast, creed ,colour or religion.


4. Individual Integrity

Value and respect integrity.

Develop confidence and trust to voice an opinion and take stand on social issues.


5. Committed to serve

Promoting a peaceful ,caring and safe community through selfless service.

See beyond self. Recognize the value of community service.