Best School in jalandhar,Punjab

Best School in Jalandhar, Punjab


Cambridge is the best school in Jalandhar, Punjab. As it is not mere a school having lush green lawns, attractive spacious buildings, ultra modern labs that give a soothing look to the ambience of the school. It is best because at school, we try to give proper exercise to the hidden capacities of students so that they can become good citizens of the country with Leadership, Compassion? Time management and Organizing Skills. We are best because we impart 360° communication which leads to understanding and thereby expressing the views with confidence. Our communication is from teacher to student, from Student to Teacher, from Teacher to Parents, from Parents to Teachers so that a dynamic knowledge keeps revolving. The crux of the education we impart leads to discipline and time management.

Wide Curriculum

With the passage of time Cambridge International School has attained the goodwill of imparting higher education in Jalandhar City. The school is affiliated with the Central Board of Education (CBSE) and all the standards set by CBSE are strictly adhered to. We have well versed,experienced and qualified faculties to impart education in Commerce, Science, Arts, Music, Dance and Foreign language (French) and we believe that all the goals whether educational or extra co-curricular activities are achieved in a time bound program.

Interactive Sessions and NCC Exposure

Keeping in view the fast moving wheels of knowledge, the teachers are also trained to update their skills by means of training programs, workshops and by inviting reputed personalities of different fields to interact with teachers.

The government guidelines regarding NCC and NSS are actively followed to impart discipline and a sense of compassion in the students so that they can serve the society in due course.

Extra Curricular Activities

The school organises extra-curricular activities ranging from debates and elocutions to music, dance and drama. As it’s an international school, the students must be linguists here which is why the school gives an opportunity to learn a Foreign language like French.

Recognised Nationally

Our school has well maintained large playgrounds with synthetic turfs.Professional coaches train here. On the categories of National or state level majority of the awards has been awarded to our school.

Knowledge based Excursions

To give the knowledge in depth to our students, the school has always organised an educational excursion for our students. Through the excursions, a child will always be intrigued towards his future and will always be career oriented.

Core facilities

Our school has a huge library where a child can not only attain the material regarding his subject but he can also enjoy reading all the famous Author’s books whether it’s fictional, regarding history, encyclopaedias and what not.

Considering the fact that a child’s security is foremost important, our campus has a fool proof security system consisting of a network of CCTV cameras, GPS enabled transportation and an ultimate security check which makes the parents assured for their child’s security and safety.