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The Cambridge International School combines academic rigor with the personal development of students throughout the year. Admissions open from Nursery to Grade 9 and Grade 11. Please call or fill out the form. We will assist you with your queries.

    Admission Query Form

    Cambridge International School (Co-Ed), Jalandhar

    Cambridge International School is the flagship school of Hansraj Memorial Educational Society, Jalandhar. It started with a lofty dream of empowering young learners to be the leaders in all capacities and shape this world to be a better place. Our students are equipped to create a better future with all vitality, energy and purpose. And as we reflect, we feel proud and content with their success and most importantly their ambition to play their part in the world and make it good for all.

    Admission Process

    The Admissions process at Cambridge International School is digitized from 2020 for your convenience. It is designed to be as efficient and positive as possible for all applying students. We are offering a blend of academic programs to students from Nursery to Grade 9 and Grade 11. You can call us at  8146679247 , and our Admissions Coordinator will gladly assist you and answer your questions.