About us

Cambridge International School is the flagship school of Hansraj Memorial Educational Society, Jalandhar. It started with a lofty dream of empowering young learners to be the leaders in all capacities and shape this world to be a better place. Our students are equipped to create a better future with all vitality, energy and purpose. And as we reflect, we feel proud and content with their success and most importantly their ambition to play their part in the world and make it good for all.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to empower the young minds with the potential to aim for excellence and to endow them with individual integrity, aspirations to be continuously onward and with a steadfast commitment to serve. Hence we aim to instill values that transform them into global citizens.

Our mission is to provide an environment in the institution where paramount importance is given to weaving of life skills like – self awareness, critical thinking, creative thinking, coping with stress, empathy, decision making, problem solving and effective communication in the curriculum. To challenge the students in Academics and Sports so that they are able to explore themselves and prove themselves true to the motto of the school,Think, Believe, Dare and Do and to instill in the students the core values – Aim for Excellence, Continuously Onward, Global Citizenship, Individual Integrity and Committed to Serve.

Our Motto- Think, Believe, Dare & Do

Our motto is fulfilled by providing high scholastic as well as co-scholastic learning for each student to explore and believe that each one of them is capable of creating a better world by being the change that is much required and by daring himself/herself to do things which will be the aid in achieving beyond imagination.

21st Century School

The prime purpose of any school is to help every child flourish in life, no matter what happens. And when the world changes, the schools have to adapt to keep up. “If we want innovative students, we need to be innovative educators.” At Cambridge, the best way to be innovative and to make the change happen is through its pedagogically sound and ambitious innovations.

“The more complex the world becomes, the more creative we need to be to meet the challenges”. The 20th century education emphasized on compliance and conformity over creativity but they are now a relic. Unfortunately most of the students continue to be educated in the same way as they were being taught in the past, through rote learning and individualized testing at a ‘one-size-fits-all’ pace. Thus too many students are still struggling to learn because they are disengaged and lack motivation. Whereas 21st century education is about giving students the skills they need to succeed in this new world. With great pride Cambridge International School acclaims that it is progressively aligned to the needs of the children and to make them competent to take up the global challenges with confidence.

The school is whole-heartedly working hard on harnessing and polishing the following skills of today, by stringing them in the thread of the curriculum:

⦁ Creativity
⦁ Critical thinking
⦁ Communication
⦁ Collaboration

Empowering students with transferable skills that will hold up to a rapidly changing world, and not the prescribed content that has been chosen for its past relevance is our forte.

The ability of the Cambridge students to think critically and creatively and to collaborate with others and communicate clearly sets them up for success in their careers, and also empowers them to lead happier and healthier lives.

Connect With Us

As a leading school our aim is to nurture the development of responsible and thoughtful citizens for life in an increasingly independent global society by creating an environment in which students are challenged to explore, to create and to make decisions.

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