– Ridhima Malhan (Student)

For me Cambridge wasn’t just a mere institution but a temple of learning, it wasn’t just about passing or failing but prospering and preparing for life and it was not at all about competing or clashing but about challenging and engaging. Reminiscing my metamorphic journey of nine years in Cambridge, makes me realise, how meticulously it has carved a daring and confident Ridhima and assisted me to believe in myself during the most pivotal stage of my life. It has helped me to realise my dream of pursuing a career in Banking and Finance in the city of finance itself – Frankfurt. Not only me, but Cambridge encouraged many others to dream and instilled the courage to think, believe, dare and do!

-Jasleen Kaur (Student)

In my school life I have always been an ideal studious student so, I typically do not have that super amazing bunch of memories like the notorious back benchers except for a few ones. I walked into Cambridge as a shy, introvert girl who could not even give a speech in front of the class and I walked out of Cambridge bagging the award for best in dramatics.  That is how my school, my teachers, transformed me. They helped me with their trust, and wisdom, developed the person that I am today, by allowing me to take decisions, make mistakes and learn from them. This faith of theirs helped me jump off the cliff and then I knew how to fly. The school life has made me who I am today and I will always be grateful to the Cambridge family for everything they have done for me. Cambridge taught me to DREAM big, and DARE to DO the impossible.

– Amolak Dosanjh (Student)

Dream, Dare and do – I am reminded of this statement as I fabricate a metal part for a project. It’s been some years since I last heard it, yet it lives on in my spirit, and consequently reflects in my creativity.  It’s a value that I have Cambridge to thank for, and is in-fact one among many that I have just begun to appreciate. The school prepared me for a world beyond my own city, with life skills to build upon, and intellect to build with. Thank you, Cambridge!






-Arshkiran Sandhu (Batch of 2016, Humanities)

Being blessed to be born in  family of Armed Forces, I have been fortunate to have my school life scattered over a number of  educational institutions across the country, each institution has given me something to learn and cherish, but the values, experiences, exposure and love the Cambridge family has given me cannot be compared with any other. The two years of my educational journey in Cambridge have been extremely phenomenal as it was here where I was made to realize the potential I had not only in academics but in varied fields, my interests were fostered into my biggest strengths. It was here where I was able to polish my skills in communication, interpersonal relationships, and sports and touch heights in academics.  Today as I leave for my masters in of the most prestigious Business Schools in the world, I am extremely grateful to Cambridge for contributing towards my growth in each and every aspect of life.


 -By Arshia Dang

Miles Apart but still connected to my heart….Cambridge is the place which transformed me from being a part of the crowd to being apart from the crowd.Cambridge instilled in me the strength to accept myself the way I am and still work constantly on improving myself and most importantly, it gave me my perspective.Cambridge gives every student an empty canvas and the resources but it is up to the student what he creates and how he creates and whatever he creates, is acknowledged. They say it is either, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ or ‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’, in my case, it definitely is the latter.


 – Simrit Gulati (Student)

When we’re asked about our school life, we think about stern teachers, scolding and mischiefs but I am taken to a nurturing ground where I was let to grow on my own and to find my own self. I walked into CIS wearing uniform and walked out wearing a saree, that’s how much my school transformed me and I’ll be forever grateful to the amazing Cambridge family for it for whatever I am today is because of them.Thank you!






 -Japneet Purba (Student)

 I have spent 9 lovely years of my life in Cambridge and this place has been nothing short than a home to me. Now, I’m pursuing BBA in Finance and International Business from Christ University, Bangalore which is a matter of great pride for me.

In Cambridge, I always learnt about “how” to think and not “what” to think. The opportunities that I got in Cambridge prepared me for grabbing all the opportunities I got in college life. College is surely hectic and there is so much to do, but being in Cambridge, we were taught to never limit our boundaries. Be it academics, sports or co-curricular; we were always encouraged to go ahead and put our best foot forward. My school has really instilled the feeling of self-belief in me and prepared me for the outside world. Every time as students when we wanted to do something different, we were never told “No” rather we were  always encouraged to think ‘out of the box’. When you’re in college, you’re expected to be proactive and do things to your best ability with creativity; to which I was exposed in Cambridge beforehand. Be it playing volleyball, creating a memoir book or organising CISMUN, all these numerous opportunities have helped me to shape my personality to a great extent and I’ll always be thankful to Cambridge for that.



Cambridge is like home. Nothing can match that feeling of visiting my school when I’m in town. My journey at Cambridge has been amazing. I joined in the year of it’s inception and completed high school there. Time flew by so fast that I never realized I spent 10 years at CIS. I had the opportunity to serve the school by being a part of the student council for 4 years in a row. I was elected the Head Boy for the session 2016-17. I cannot thank Cambridge enough for how much they’ve helped me grow and do well. From personal growth and values to lifelong friendships, CIS is behind it all. CIS has played a huge role in helping me achieve whatever I have till date. My school gave me leadership skills, inter-personal skills, decision-making skills, adaptability and what not. All of these have helped me achieve the feat of studying in one of the world’s best universities, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. I had an amazing time learning from my teachers, staff and having fun with my fellow friends and students. Even today, going back to CIS and meeting all the teachers and staff makes me feel so nostalgic. I wish CIS the best for their upcoming years. Cambridge schools are the temples of learning and we love them from our hearts. I surely do.


Kanwarbir Singh Rehal

Every child is like clay and if put in the right hands they can be given the shape that would result in their being uplifted to the full potential and also enable them to be a part of the global network of people striving to nourish and enhance their skills. As a regular 4th Grader I entered Cambridge with nervousness and excitement. It was like the butterflies in my stomach were fluttering uncontrollably and somehow that was quite evident on my face. I had no idea, thatin the years to come, this place was going to play a major role in my life. I have been a proud Cambridge student for 8 years and I say this without a doubt that if it wasn’t for Cambridge I would not have been who I am today. At Cambridge, as a student, I always had the liberty to explore, fail, and learn from my mistakes without ever worrying about anything. I have met the nicest and the most supportive teachers and their lessons are still in memory like they just took place yesterday. Studying in Canada now feels very familiar and does not hit me like a whole new world because the educational standards that I have come out of, are very similar to what I see here. The connection for doing social good along with studies was embedded in me, at my alma mater. Being part of global forums like TEDx, while at school,and now Enactus, is a great way to do my little part in the larger scheme of things. I am grateful to my teachers at Cambridge and very proud to be a Cambridgian.