Cambridge Pearls (KINDERGARTEN):


Playing, Exploring, active learning, creativity and critical thinking are essential building blocks in igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. These are also vital for building their capacity to learn to form relationship and thrive.

CAMBRIDGE PEARLS endeavor to nurture the puerile to be self reliant, sanguine and resilient. It fosters the joy of learning through creative and fun-filled activities which kindle the urge to learn, explore and enquire.

As the formative years of learning are most crucial for every child, our friendly and dedicated staff ensure that children feel safe and free to explore . We follow the children’s interests by setting projects, themes and topics that simulate excitement and enthusiasm.

Our classrooms are well- equipped with attractive and interactive materials that encourage imagination and experimentation.

Primary Years – Grade I & II Preparatory Stage

With the Vision in Achieving the NEP , the focus in the preparatory stage will remain on language development and numeracy skills. The method of teaching and learning would be play and activity-based including classroom interactions and the element of discovery. We believe ‘Direct experience’ is the basis for all learning. The curriculum is organized according to the fourfold interests of the child- in conversation, inquiry, construction and artistic expression. Teaching goes beyond the textbooks. Experiential learning within each subject, and explorations of relations among different subjects, will be encouraged and emphasized despite the introduction of more specialized subjects and subject teachers. Curriculum is child-centred wherein the child is an active participant in the classroom. Experiential learning is encouraged rather than rote learning. The curriculum to be imparted is planned in such a way that the learning will not be a burden for them, rather they should enjoy coming to school daily.

Cambridge Middle Years-Grade III-VIII


Cambridge International School ( Co-Ed) aims at producing engaged, productive, and contributing citizens for building an equitable, inclusive, and plural society as envisaged by our Constitution. We at Cambridge promote a hands-on learning approach within and outside the classrooms which includes interactive learning apps to create an immersive and engaging environment, wherever they may be, Role-playing activities that replicate famous real-life events to help students memorize different people, Encouraging scientific experiments and open-minded questions to determine cause and effect, Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation in teaching and learning.

Secondary & Senior Secondary Grade IX-XII

At secondary level, the emphasis is on an overall development based curriculum. Precedence is given to cultivating optimistic attitude and healthy habits which are a pre- requisite of a confident and chiseled individual. It is at this stage of education that we ignite the spark of curiosity and make the teaching-learning process more personalized and meaningful.

While English is the medium of instruction, the students appear for three languages in the middle school.

At the senior secondary level students can choose from a variety of subjects according to the New Education Policy 2020. Being firm believers of the fact that teachers and parents help in cementing the growth of a child, monitoring of the students is shared with parents regularly.