Cambridge Teachers

Teachers of Cambridge International School are competent as they are well equipped with the latest techniques and methods of teaching learning process. They take up the challenging tasks inside and outside the classroom and help the students to gain confidence and overcome the obstacles in their learning process. The communal hard work of the teachers acts as a driving force by which the goals and objectives of teaching learning process is achieved.

Teachers show willingness to assume additional tasks and even volunteer to do other jobs apart from the regular teaching assignment. They have a streak of leadership within and are independent in doing their job. Teachers are open to feedback and new ideas and willingly support changes when necessary. They are flexible to co-workers and superiors. Being a good teacher they adhere to rules, policies, and procedures with the highest degree of professionalism.

Teachers are warm and supportive in nature and work harmoniously with others. They are the key factor in the learning process.

We are constantly improving by attending various workshops and seminars organized every year.

Confidence and motivation through mentors builds the strength and encourages teachers. Teachers update their knowledge by sharing their experience with each other. Observations by mentors and peer group to remove the shortcomings of teachers while teaching are very helpful. Students’ feedback and result gives positive growth and adds to bonding of students and teachers. Healthy bond between teachers and students instill good values among students. Planned lesson and commitment to excel makes a teacher efficient.