We celebrated the National Science Day, with great zeal and enthusiasm to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Sir C.V Raman with the theme “ Global Science for Global Well-being.”
Various activities were held including student led exhibitions, demonstrations, live experiments and special assembly. The ambience was vibrant with the still and working models of different aspects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The marvellous and magnificent working models of bioscope, Tyndall Effect, the army safety model, the sensing models , the smart city, the sky and energy, the glorious solar system with its gravitational bond, the atomic structure, temporary obscurity in the solar and lunar eclipses, solar energy, the day and night model, the functioning of the wind mill, the vertigo , the burglar alarm, the facts behind harvesting the rainwater, the marvel of hydro electricity, the geostationary satellite, the escalator, the charging and discharging capacitors, the rotation and revolution, the openings and vents about the volcanoes and the plant platter , the sanitizers stole the heart of spectators.
A blood group testing camp was organised by Grade XI students. The students with the support of their teachers truly exhibited their incredible talents.
Our Principal Ms. Harleen Mohanty interacted with the students and also gave her blood sample for testing her blood group. She appreciated the scientific temper of the students which is useful for Global Science for Global Well-being under G20, 2023 summit.

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