Vice-President’s Message

Vice-President’s Message

(Mr Paarth Bhatia)

Cambridge International School strongly embraces the differences in individuals and thus believes that the ‘one size fits all’ model of education is outdated. Cambridge is committed to the continuous quest of effective pedagogies of teaching.

The faculty at Cambridge is passionate about providing an environment that nurtures the welfare of its students both inside and outside the classrooms. They are all driven by the passion of putting that ‘Extra’ into their work in order to achieve what really means ‘Excellence’. They support every event and every step taken by the students only to ensure that it reaches the zenith. They work with the mindset of giving freedom to the wings of hopes and aspirations to reach the pinnacle of success.

At Cambridge we nurture the commitment to compassion, respect and well-being. We inspire our protégés to be just and ethical citizens who would keep on going long after the world thinks they can’t. They learn to clearly distinguish between making a living and making a life. Here they are taught to pursue their dreams as academic excellence is a journey and not a goal.

I am confident that Cambridge will continue to strengthen its tradition of moving ‘Continuously Onward’.