(Mr Deepak Bhatia)

Education today is no longer confined to the three ‘R’s. It empowers and liberates the young minds to Think, Believe, Dare and Do what would help them soar high even beyond the sky. Cambridge hones the 21st century skills in the students and prepares them for the challenges of life.

Cambridge imparts knowledge that is rooted in skills and embellished with the attitude to persevere, to accomplish and to achieve the unachievable. The school strives to procure all this and much more through its clear vision of holistic education. It is the fountainhead for all the young and tender hearts that step inside the threshold of Cambridge nurturing hopes and aspirations that await fulfillment.

The infrastructure and facilities made available to students are well chosen, modern and impressive. A caring team of educators and mentors with their innovative pedagogies ensure to provide a curriculum that is experiential, enquiry-based and creative. The entire team is fully committed to give shape to the vision and mission of Hansraj Memorial Educational Society, Jalandhar, for equipping the youngsters with attributes that will make them good citizens of India as well as the world at large.

I firmly believe that our students will leave an indelible mark in this world full of competition and will bring pride to their alma-mater as they are undoubtedly a repository of values, of strong character, humanism and skills.