Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

(Mr Nitin Kohli)

Education is at the heart of childhood. For the future to take a positive shape, we must educate our children using the most effective tools and pedagogies.

We, at Cambridge, aim to provide a multi-faceted learning to our children by incorporating various elements of personality and character development. Our proficient faculty is focused not only on improving their problem-solving skills but also honing their critical thinking abilities. The students are taught to live with others in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect and hence provide them with the very best means of personal development. We are continuously preparing the children to enter the fast-changing, complex and ambiguous world.

World-class facilities along with technology-focused teaching boost the kids’ learning process. We at Cambridge aim to develop exceptional citizens of India, and inspire them to be just and ethical members of the society. We give the children the opportunities to organize and manage activities at Inter-school and Intra-School level and thus the inception of wise and principled leadershappens in the lap of Cambridge. I ensure you that Cambridigians are imbued with a set of values that make them independent adults who are equipped to benefit the society.

On behalf of Cambridge, I thank you for trusting us to enable your child to become the best version of themselves by filling his/her quiver of knowledge with the arrows of the 21st century skills.